UXLabs research and development program focuses on human-information interaction; in particular the challenges involved in understanding and modelling the context in which people interact with information and social systems and in developing novel interaction metaphors and technologies to apply that understanding. Our approach combines theory with experimentation, in analyzing existing practices, building novel interactive technologies and systems, and studying their impact on real users in naturalistic settings.

Much of our recent work has focussed on the challenges involved in searching, navigating and sense-making within complex information spaces. This has three primary facets:

  • investigation of novel text analytics techniques for extracting structure and meaning from unstructured information sources
  • development of new interaction and visualisation techniques for exploring complex information spaces
  • empirical studies of human information-seeking behaviour, in particular the user experience of exploratory search and knowledge discovery applications.

We have ongoing research collaborations with a variety of organisations, including Sheffield University’s iSchool, City University’s Centre for Interactive Systems Research, Essex University’s Language and Computation Group, and Glasgow University’s Information Retrieval group.

Recent Publications

  1. L. Azzopardi, C. Wilkie and T. Russell-Rose, “Towards Measures and Models of Findability“. SIGIR 2013 Workshop on Modeling User Behavior for Information Retrieval Evaluation (MUBE 2013).
  2. Tony Russell-Rose and Tyler Tate, “Designing the Search Experience: the Information Architecture of Discovery“. Morgan Kaufmann, December 2012
  3. Tony Russell-Rose, Joe Lamantia and Stephann Makri, “Defining and Applying a Language for Discovery“. Springer LNCS Post-Proceedings of AMR 2012, Copenhagen.
  4. Tony Russell-Rose and Stephann Makri, “Designing for Consumer Search Behaviour”. Proceedings of HCIR 2012, Cambridge, MA, USA, October 2012
  5. Tony Russell-Rose and Stephann Makri, “A Model of Consumer Search Behaviour”. Proceedings of 2nd European Workshop on Human-Computer Information Retrieval, Nijmegen, August 2012
  6. Tyler Tate and Tony Russell-Rose, “The Information Needs of Mobile Searchers: A Framework”. Proceedings of Searching for Fun, workshop at ECIR 2012, Barcelona, April 2012

For a complete list, see the Publications at Information Interaction.